Friday, April 24, 2009

"you commie homo-loving sons of guns"

ok yeah i thought it was fitting to quote sean penn since this entry is pretty much only about him, since i watched 21 Grams and Milk these past 2 nights. so here it goes:

21 Grams: ok yeah this movie was messed up. for starters, the director decided to have it be one of those movies where all the clips are out of order. in some movies this makes sense with the whole theme of the movie, but not so much in this one. the only justification i can think of was that it gave the ending more of a plot twist, but still. second, there was this really annoying mexican jesus freak. i cant stand jesus freaks in general, so i was pretty much set on disliking him. especially when he takes his jesusmobile monster truck and kills 3 people. or when he forces his son to slap his daughter. (ok yeah i'm just gonna be spoiling the movie for you. sorry if you're set on seeing it. but dont be because its not worth it). oh and there were a lot of sex scenes and porno clips (ok one porno clip when sean penn had to donate sperm) that were REALLY awkward to watch with amir. and can i say for the record that naomi watts has the weirdest nipples i have ever seen. i know this is really creepy to be blogging about but OMG i'm surprised sean's eyes didn't get stabbed out or something. and then there was that one part when mexican guy was doing his wife and he stops and is like "one of the girls i ran over looked me in the eyes before i hit her. she wanted to tell me something" and his wife is still panting and its just like ok, no. a) thats not sexy whatsoever, and b) why would you say that then of all possible times? its like when sean penn tells the woman he has her dead husband's heart just as they start making out.. not right.

oh and i think sean penn and naomi watts' characters getting together was just weird. he looked like her dad. it wasnt right. and the ending was annoying because for the entire movie you thought the mexican guy shot him, but then you see that just as sean wrestles the gun out of his hand and you're like ok yay he's safe, he shoots himself in the chest. and its just like wtf? ok i get you didn't want to die a slow and painful death from heart failure because your lover's dead husband's heart isn't working out for you but you don't want to have another transplant, but dying a slow and painful death by trying to shoot yourself in the heart (when in reality at the angle you shot you probably got a corner of your heart, collapsed a lung, then broke part of your shoulder and paralyzed yourself) isn't really the best solution. and then his lover tries to donate blood to save him but they're like "oh sorry. you're a major druggie and we don't want your blood. plus you're pregnant. suck it, bitch". so yeah pretty much sean penn is a great actor, but pretty much every single character in the movie had problems.

And now for Milk!!! for starters this was a lot easier to watch with my brother, since all the sex scenes were 2 guys. its weird that i'm totally unphased by that. well its kinda true now with both kinds. i guess after wanted that was kind of it. then again i'm not 100% sure on this, so we'll see. but yeah pretty much i thought sean penn and james franco were adorable. like they just made me happy inside. altho again with sean penn being old.. ok wow i just googled him and apparantly he's just 2 days older than my mom.... weird. but he looks a lot older to me anyways. whatever he's an AMAZING actor. i'm so glad he won for this!!! i was surprised how great james franco was too!! like oh my god he was awesome! i feel like he should've been nominated but oh well. the one thing i don't understand is why he had to wear a fake penis for.
i didn't think josh brolin's (NOT groban, as i've been reminding myself for the past 3 days) acting was amazing. idk maybe i was wrapped up in the whole "hate the antagonist" thing, but i actually don't think so. he was good, but not phenomenal. but oh my he looks so much like the real dan white, it's scary. this picture is of the real dan white. freaky, right?
the music was also really great. god, everything was great... it was just so well made!! everything just worked!! wow.
ok yeah since its now saturday (i started posting friday night but didnt have time to finish. so lets see.. not much has happened. voice lesson (ughhh sicking), then whole foods (they were having like an earth day mini-festival in the parking lot. it was cool. The band that was playing was really good. they played "Under the Bridge" by Red Hot Chili Peppers (that song that goes "I don't ever wanna feeeel/like I did that day/so take me to the place I looooove/take me far away". love that song) and now im just home. soo yeah. funsies.

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