Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lyrics: "And Then There Were None" from Spring Awakening

Frau Gabor:
Dear Herr Stief - Moritz,
I’ve spent the entire day thinking about your note
Truly it touched me – it did – that you would think of me as a friend
Of course, I was saddened to hear that
Your exams came off rather less well than you'd hoped
And that you will not be promoted, come fall
And, yet, I must say straightaway that fleeing to America is hardly the solution
And, even if it were, I cannot provide the money you request…

Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, well, fine.
Not like it's even worth the time.
But still you know, you wanted more.
Sorry, it won't change been there before.

Frau Gabor:
You would do me wrong, Herr Stiefel to read into my refusal any lack of affection
On the contrary, as Melchior’s mother, I truly believe it to be my duty to curb this momentary loss…

The thing that sucks -okay?- for me,
a thousand bucks, I'm, like, scot free.
And I mean, please, that's all I need.
Get real, okay, by now, you know the score.

Frau Gabor:
Should you like, I am ready to write your parents
I will try to convince them that no one could’ve worked harder last semester
And also that too rigorous a condemnation of your current misfortune
Could have the gravest possible effect on…

You wanna laugh. It's too absurd.
You start to ask. Can't hear a word.
You wanna crash and burn;
right, tell me more.

Frau Gabor:
Still, Herr Stiefel, one thing in your letter disturbed me
Your – what shall we call it? – veiled threat that should escape not be possible
You would take your own life…

Okay, so now we do the play.
Act like we so care. No way!
You'll write my folks? Well, okay.
Babe, that's how it goes.

Frau Gabor:
My dear boy, the world is filled with men –
Businessmen, scientists, scholars even who have done rather poorly in school
And yet, gone on to brilliant careers
Consider for example our friend...

They freak or won't, you to the line.
You tell your soul, just kill some time.
Will it quit? It will until they don't.

They're not my home, not anymore.
Not like they so were before.
Still, I'll split, and they'll like...
Well, who knows?

Who knows?
Who knows?

Frau Gabor:
In any case, I assure you that
your present misfortune will have no effect on my feelings for you
Or, on your relationship with Melchior…

Moritz and Hanschen:
Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, well fine.
Not like it's even worth the time.
But still you know, you wanted more.

Okay, so nothing's changed

Heard that before.

Moritz, Hanschen, and Otto:
You wanna laugh. It's too absurd.
You start to ask. Can't hear a word.

You're gonna crash and burn.

Right, tell me more.

Moritz, Hanschen, Otto and Ernst:
You start to cave, you start to cry.
You try to run, nowhere to hide.

You want to crumble up and close that door.

Frau Gabor:
So, head high, Herr Stiefel!
And do let me hear from you soon
In the meantime, I am unchangingly, and most fondly yours,
Fanny Gabor

Just fuck it; right? Enough. That's it.
You'll still go one, well, for a bit.
Another day of utter shit-
and then there were none,

Moritz and Otto:
and then there were none,

Moritz, Otto, and Georg:
and then there were none,

and then there were none.

***I posted this because every version i found on the internet was wrong in one way or another. I got this directly from the official songbook. I do not own any part of Spring Awakening, yada yada***

This was the song that I really knew had to be posted.
Please note that the lyrics are not "Get real, Jose."
I couldn't find any lyrics online that didn't say that.

Lyrics: "Left Behind" from Spring Awakening

You fold his hands and smooth his tie,
you gently lift his chin.
Were you really so blind
and unkind to him?

Can't help the itch to touch, to kiss,
to hold him once again.
Now, to close his eyes,
never open them?

A Shadow passed, a shadow passed,
yearning, yearning
for the fool
it called a home.

All things he never did are left behind;
all the things his mama wished he'd bear in mind
and all his dad ever hoped he'd know.

The talks you never had, the Saturdays you never spent,
all the "grown up" places you never went;
and all of the crying you wouldn't understand,
you just let him cry: "Make a man out of him."

A shadow passed, a shadow passed,
yearning, yearning
for the fool
it called a home.

All things he ever wished are left behind;
All the things his mama did to make him mind
and how his dad had hoped he'd grow.

All things he ever lived are left behind;
all the fears that ever flickered through his mind;
all the sadness that he'd come to own.


A shadow passed, a shadow passed,
yearning, yearning
for the fool
it called a home.

And it whistles through the ghosts
still left behind
It whistles through the ghosts
still left behind

It whistles through the ghosts
still left behind.

***I posted this because every version i found on the internet was wrong in one way or another. I got this directly from the official songbook. I do not own any part of Spring Awakening, yada yada***

Lyrics: "The Guilty Ones" from Spring Awakening

Something's started crazy,
sweet and unknown.
Something you keep in a box on the street,
now it's longing for a home.

All (except Melchior and Wendla):
And, who can say what dreams are?

Wake me in time to be lonely and sad.

All (except Melchior and Wendla):
And, who can say what we are?

This is the season for dreaming.

And now our bodies are the guilty ones,
who touch and color the hours.
Night won't breathe.
Oh, how we fall in silence from the sky
and whisper some silver reply...

All (except Wendla and Melchior):
Whoa-oh, whoa-oh.

Pulse is gone and racing,
all fits and starts.
Window by window you try and look into
this brave new you that you are.

All (except Wendla and Melchior):
And, who can say what dreams are?

Wake me in time to be out in the cold,

All (except Wendla and Melchior):
And, who can say what we are?

This is the reason for dreaming

And now our bodies are the guilty ones.
Our touch will fill ev'ry hour.
Huge and dark, oh, our hearts
will murmur the blues from on high,

then whisper some silver reply
whoa-oh, whoa-oh.

And now our bodies are the guilty ones

***I posted this because every version i found on the internet was wrong in one way or another. I got this directly from the official songbook. I do not own any part of Spring Awakening, yada yada***

she closed her eyes and whispered, "please be real"

third time's the charm, i guess?
who knows. i'm gonna try to keep this up this time.
honestly, the main reason i'm starting this up again is because a) i'm tired of being indifferent to everything, so i'm trying to get more of an opinion on stuff and b) i'm gonna post some spring awakening lyrics because NONE OF THE INTERNET ONES ARE CORRECT AND IT PISSES ME OFF!

mkay lets get started :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

back from the dead...

hey wow sorry i've had no time to post this past month. school's insane like that. luckily i have 9 more days. unfortunately the only time i have to blog anymore is days like today at 3:30 in the morning in the midst of my all-nighters.. :/

unfortunately i don't have anything major to say.. choir rocks. we're singing don't stop believing next sunday. advanced vocals are this week (AAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH) but thats about it. just trying to get by. still not entirely sure what summer plans are. oh well we'll see.

i love your light,

Friday, April 24, 2009

"you commie homo-loving sons of guns"

ok yeah i thought it was fitting to quote sean penn since this entry is pretty much only about him, since i watched 21 Grams and Milk these past 2 nights. so here it goes:

21 Grams: ok yeah this movie was messed up. for starters, the director decided to have it be one of those movies where all the clips are out of order. in some movies this makes sense with the whole theme of the movie, but not so much in this one. the only justification i can think of was that it gave the ending more of a plot twist, but still. second, there was this really annoying mexican jesus freak. i cant stand jesus freaks in general, so i was pretty much set on disliking him. especially when he takes his jesusmobile monster truck and kills 3 people. or when he forces his son to slap his daughter. (ok yeah i'm just gonna be spoiling the movie for you. sorry if you're set on seeing it. but dont be because its not worth it). oh and there were a lot of sex scenes and porno clips (ok one porno clip when sean penn had to donate sperm) that were REALLY awkward to watch with amir. and can i say for the record that naomi watts has the weirdest nipples i have ever seen. i know this is really creepy to be blogging about but OMG i'm surprised sean's eyes didn't get stabbed out or something. and then there was that one part when mexican guy was doing his wife and he stops and is like "one of the girls i ran over looked me in the eyes before i hit her. she wanted to tell me something" and his wife is still panting and its just like ok, no. a) thats not sexy whatsoever, and b) why would you say that then of all possible times? its like when sean penn tells the woman he has her dead husband's heart just as they start making out.. not right.

oh and i think sean penn and naomi watts' characters getting together was just weird. he looked like her dad. it wasnt right. and the ending was annoying because for the entire movie you thought the mexican guy shot him, but then you see that just as sean wrestles the gun out of his hand and you're like ok yay he's safe, he shoots himself in the chest. and its just like wtf? ok i get you didn't want to die a slow and painful death from heart failure because your lover's dead husband's heart isn't working out for you but you don't want to have another transplant, but dying a slow and painful death by trying to shoot yourself in the heart (when in reality at the angle you shot you probably got a corner of your heart, collapsed a lung, then broke part of your shoulder and paralyzed yourself) isn't really the best solution. and then his lover tries to donate blood to save him but they're like "oh sorry. you're a major druggie and we don't want your blood. plus you're pregnant. suck it, bitch". so yeah pretty much sean penn is a great actor, but pretty much every single character in the movie had problems.

And now for Milk!!! for starters this was a lot easier to watch with my brother, since all the sex scenes were 2 guys. its weird that i'm totally unphased by that. well its kinda true now with both kinds. i guess after wanted that was kind of it. then again i'm not 100% sure on this, so we'll see. but yeah pretty much i thought sean penn and james franco were adorable. like they just made me happy inside. altho again with sean penn being old.. ok wow i just googled him and apparantly he's just 2 days older than my mom.... weird. but he looks a lot older to me anyways. whatever he's an AMAZING actor. i'm so glad he won for this!!! i was surprised how great james franco was too!! like oh my god he was awesome! i feel like he should've been nominated but oh well. the one thing i don't understand is why he had to wear a fake penis for.
i didn't think josh brolin's (NOT groban, as i've been reminding myself for the past 3 days) acting was amazing. idk maybe i was wrapped up in the whole "hate the antagonist" thing, but i actually don't think so. he was good, but not phenomenal. but oh my he looks so much like the real dan white, it's scary. this picture is of the real dan white. freaky, right?
the music was also really great. god, everything was great... it was just so well made!! everything just worked!! wow.
ok yeah since its now saturday (i started posting friday night but didnt have time to finish. so lets see.. not much has happened. voice lesson (ughhh sicking), then whole foods (they were having like an earth day mini-festival in the parking lot. it was cool. The band that was playing was really good. they played "Under the Bridge" by Red Hot Chili Peppers (that song that goes "I don't ever wanna feeeel/like I did that day/so take me to the place I looooove/take me far away". love that song) and now im just home. soo yeah. funsies.

i'm sick and tired of being sick and tired

yeah i'm still sick. getting better though. my fever came, but its been gone all of today, which is a slight relief. its mostly just congestion, sore throat, pounding headache, rapid temperature changes, and sudden rapid loss of energy. but i'm slowly but surely recovering :)

this week has actually been pretty fun for me tho. i mean, i actually got to read for once. i really enjoy those rare occasions when i willingly sit down to read a book. i mean, during the school year i usually NEVER get those chances. and if i'm ever reading its just for classes and stuff like that, but i never enjoy it because i HATE reading with deadlines. so lets see.... i finally finished the last 200 pages of Glass, finished rereading That Was Then, This is Now, and started reading this book called Tweak, which was a memoir written by this former meth-addict who kept on relapsing. I stopped a bit over 20 pages into it though. I mean it was a really interesting story (like how he first got drunk when he was 11. and he was an extremely smart kid and had his entire future laid out for him, which was one of the reasons he started using) but
  • drugs in general involve needles. and needles tend to freak me out.
  • it was really similar to glass. i'm not saying that negatively, it was just that i'd just finished a book about the same thing that i'd been reading for probably over half a year.
  • in general, it's a depressing topic!
and at this point i kinda came to the conclusion that i'm a very depressing person. i mean all i ever read about is this sort of stuff. people getting into drugs and messing up their life. its weird because it doesnt necessarily pull me away from them. but honestly, i only read depressing books now. I just looked at my facebook list of favorite books. outsiders/twttin, both really sad. especially the 2nd one. blood and chocolate, god i honestly feel like i should remove that because i can't even remember how it ends and whether or not its depressing. persepolis is probably the least depressing book on that list. crank/glass are both really sad. catcher in the rye isn't really tho which is good. les mis sort of is. i mean everyone dies, but i find the musical more powerful than the book. a separate peace i was actually crying at the end.

so i decided to go to books inc. and pick out a better, change of pace book. after over 30 minutes of deliberation i picked The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I can already tell its gonna be one of my favorites. unless the author majorly screws up in the ending. and sure its not the happiest book either, but its sad in a more substantial way as opposed to depressing. it reminds me a lot of Catcher in the Rye with the whole stream of consciousness thing. and its entirely in letters to the same person (who i dont think we ever really find out who, which is kinda nice because it makes it seem like they're being written directly to the reader).

so yeah lots of reading that i'm happy about. i'll miss the free time next week. but i'm dropping chem (actually not my decision. my parents and TA agree that i need to lighten my load so i can focus.) and i'm considering dropping yac for realsies. here's my whole logic behind that. i mean i have fun at the meetings and with (most of) the people and i love making movies yada yada. but whether i like it or not i'm a student above all other things. that's my priority along with not dying. and honestly, our individual projects are due wednesday and i havent started, and i don't think i'm going to. yes, i have a great idea for a great movie, but i have tests and stuff i need to worry about. i have a hard enough time getting all my work done and getting enough sleep every night without filming and reliving my emo past. if this were all over the summer, great i'd be all over it, but right now i just don't have the time to invest in it right now.
i havent told my parents yet because they've been telling me to drop my extracurriculars for hella long. and i wanna stick with it for the last like month and a half, but i dont know. we'll see.

oh and besides books i've seen lots of MOVIES these past few days. so here it goes. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: I think it reclaimed its title as my favorite of the movies. yes, i know it disrupted Chris Columbus' accurate vision, yada yada. but i've always been a major fan of sirius and lupin (don't get me started on how pissed i was that the flashback of james, sirius, lupin, and snape at hogwarts lasted a grand total of 4 seconds in the 5th movie). i guess in terms of accuracy the 1st/2nd movies were the best, but whatever. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: my mom watched it with me just so she could see Rob Pattinson. i'm serious, she has a serious obsession. its messed up. anyways, yeah this was the movie where it all started getting messed up. the music was HORRiBBLE and i guess if you havent read the book (or in my case, havent for several years) its decent, but nothing compared to the others. i mean i liked watching it, but yeah. Holes: yeah, not much to say about that. good movie. always thought it was. haha i remember for a week i had a crush on klio thomas... good times.

ok im gonna post this then just start a 2nd post so i can talk about sean penn. plus this is already insanely long...

Friday, April 10, 2009


so i gotta make this quick cuz we're about to go out to dinner at that mexican restaurant. the good one. reposado? yeah thats it.

woke up at 11 today. haircut at 12. its kinda short but i likes it :)

lunch w teddi and jessica at creamery. also fun. interesting convos.

got back home, doctor, internetwhored, found epic stuff.

kk going now :)

peace love and guitar players

Saturday, April 4, 2009

when the moon hits your eye

damn i write waay too much in these... i gotta work on that.

yay for weekend!! i can tell this one is gonna be amazing! yesterday was majorly epic already, and if i can actually get my plan together for tonight, i know it will be too.

omfg zoe showed me maxx last night! amazing hahahaa! its like an iranian musical (half of it is just like rap tho) and this one guy in it named amirali is AMAZING!!! hahahaa oh my. but we can't figure out what the actor's name is :(

kay pizza time
there, that was nice and short.