Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lyrics: "And Then There Were None" from Spring Awakening

Frau Gabor:
Dear Herr Stief - Moritz,
I’ve spent the entire day thinking about your note
Truly it touched me – it did – that you would think of me as a friend
Of course, I was saddened to hear that
Your exams came off rather less well than you'd hoped
And that you will not be promoted, come fall
And, yet, I must say straightaway that fleeing to America is hardly the solution
And, even if it were, I cannot provide the money you request…

Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, well, fine.
Not like it's even worth the time.
But still you know, you wanted more.
Sorry, it won't change been there before.

Frau Gabor:
You would do me wrong, Herr Stiefel to read into my refusal any lack of affection
On the contrary, as Melchior’s mother, I truly believe it to be my duty to curb this momentary loss…

The thing that sucks -okay?- for me,
a thousand bucks, I'm, like, scot free.
And I mean, please, that's all I need.
Get real, okay, by now, you know the score.

Frau Gabor:
Should you like, I am ready to write your parents
I will try to convince them that no one could’ve worked harder last semester
And also that too rigorous a condemnation of your current misfortune
Could have the gravest possible effect on…

You wanna laugh. It's too absurd.
You start to ask. Can't hear a word.
You wanna crash and burn;
right, tell me more.

Frau Gabor:
Still, Herr Stiefel, one thing in your letter disturbed me
Your – what shall we call it? – veiled threat that should escape not be possible
You would take your own life…

Okay, so now we do the play.
Act like we so care. No way!
You'll write my folks? Well, okay.
Babe, that's how it goes.

Frau Gabor:
My dear boy, the world is filled with men –
Businessmen, scientists, scholars even who have done rather poorly in school
And yet, gone on to brilliant careers
Consider for example our friend...

They freak or won't, you to the line.
You tell your soul, just kill some time.
Will it quit? It will until they don't.

They're not my home, not anymore.
Not like they so were before.
Still, I'll split, and they'll like...
Well, who knows?

Who knows?
Who knows?

Frau Gabor:
In any case, I assure you that
your present misfortune will have no effect on my feelings for you
Or, on your relationship with Melchior…

Moritz and Hanschen:
Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, well fine.
Not like it's even worth the time.
But still you know, you wanted more.

Okay, so nothing's changed

Heard that before.

Moritz, Hanschen, and Otto:
You wanna laugh. It's too absurd.
You start to ask. Can't hear a word.

You're gonna crash and burn.

Right, tell me more.

Moritz, Hanschen, Otto and Ernst:
You start to cave, you start to cry.
You try to run, nowhere to hide.

You want to crumble up and close that door.

Frau Gabor:
So, head high, Herr Stiefel!
And do let me hear from you soon
In the meantime, I am unchangingly, and most fondly yours,
Fanny Gabor

Just fuck it; right? Enough. That's it.
You'll still go one, well, for a bit.
Another day of utter shit-
and then there were none,

Moritz and Otto:
and then there were none,

Moritz, Otto, and Georg:
and then there were none,

and then there were none.

***I posted this because every version i found on the internet was wrong in one way or another. I got this directly from the official songbook. I do not own any part of Spring Awakening, yada yada***

This was the song that I really knew had to be posted.
Please note that the lyrics are not "Get real, Jose."
I couldn't find any lyrics online that didn't say that.

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